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A comforting and soothing treat for wintered skin. These all organic bars are made from simple ingredients straight from nature. Formulated to melt once it comes in to contact with your skin, making it easy to apply. The storage tin is convenient to travel with during the colder season, however, please be sure to keep your container/lotion bar away from warmer temperatures or direct heat.


Vanilla: A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Warm in nature, it has been known in aromatherapy to sooth, reduce anxiety, and to help lower blood pressure.


Each bar is approximately 1.5+ oz



- Organic Cacao Butter

- Organic Beeswax

- Organic Coconut Oil

- Organic Vanilla Essential Oil


***DISCLAIMER: While the best of intentions are put forth in the herbal products offered at Of Dust & Dew, this method of care is considered holistic and should not be used in place of conventional medicine or professional help. Although there is widespread and historical belief that herbals have many healing and health benefits, these methods are not USDA approved we cannot guarantee that you will benefit from such properties. Please be sure to seek professional help if you believe this is needed. Thank you!***

Organic Vanilla Lotion Bar

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