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As kids, we lived in fairytale lands and distant worlds. Books encouraged our brains to imagine mythical creatures, dream of challenging adventures, and to believe in the impossible. We were the kings and queens of our own destinies... so why should any of that stop as adults? From land to sea, these mythical creatures and monsters have never left... and once you've dusted off the cobwebs within your fully grown cerebrum, you'll find their child-like existence again. After all these years, they're still patiently waiting from under our beds or gazing down upon us from high among the trees, for they only exist because of our innocence and want to be adopted back in to our lives so they will never be lost again!


If you're lucky enough to find them once more... you'll remember that Monsters come in all shapes and sizes each with their own unique personalities and physical traits. 


On our Adoption List:


Please meet Bogart, lover of all things squishy.


Born: 1950

Libation of choice: Purple Yam Boba

Enjoys: Popping bubbles

Dislikes: The scent of cigars


Nothing warms a Monster more than to be adopted by someone who will forever love and never forget them!


Approximate measurements include:

Height: 4.25”

Width: 3.75”

Weight: 13.33 oz


Care: Although Dishwasher and Microwave safe, due to the delicate nature of these mugs hand washing is highly recommended. 

Bogart the Spikey Monster

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