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It’s important to keep your home and space cleansed and full of positive energy. The practice of smudging with the use of dried herbs, wood, and Crystals has been used since ancient times. Included in this set are (2) Crystals, (2) Palo Santo Sticks, (1) Bundle of Sage, and a ceramic Moon bowl made by yours truly! Each rough stone is at least 1" in size and have been cleansed with sage and charged under a full moon with selenite, leaving these beauties completely ready for you to set your own intentions. Here’s a quick guide on how to incorporate this practice in to your home:


  • Empty the contents of your bowl on to your alter or table, and set the Moon bowl aside. Light your Sage bundle and wait for a moment before blowing it out. Once the smoke begins to waft, pick up each of your Crystals and Palo Santo stick(s) and guide them through the smoke from the Sage to clear their energies in order to set their intentions and set those items aside. In this set, it would be good to ask the Sage to cleanse your home of any negative energies, while asking the Palo Santo to welcome in the good. Speak to your Crystals as well, asking them to pull in all their beneficial energies too. Once each of these items have been cleansed, travel with your smoldering sage bundle to a far back corner of a room.
  • This is when you will begin to walk through your home while using your hand or a feather to gently push the smoke in one direction, around the room(s) while working towards a door or window to push out any negative energy. Once this is complete, place the Sage bundle back in to the Moon bowl propped upright with the burning end facing upwards so that the smolder can safely extinguish on its own. Please make sure that nothing flammable is nearby and do not leave it unattended until the smoke has completely dissipated.
  • This is when you will light the Palo Santo stick in the same manner, waiting a moment before blowing the flame out. Once the smoke begins to waft, walk around each of the same rooms again while inviting good energy inwards. Upon the completion of this process, place the Palo Santo stick back in to your Moon bowl propped upright with the burning end facing upwards so that the smolder can safely extinguish on its own. Again, please make sure that nothing flammable is nearby and do not leave it unattended until the smoke has completely dissipated. The cleansing process has now been completed.
  • Place your Crystals back in to the Moon bowl at this time, so that they may continue to work in harmony with the Sage and Palo Santo. The benefits of each of your Crystals in this bundle include, but are not limited to:


Crystal Quartz: Specifically connected to the Crown, but connected to all Chakras, it is best known as the "Master Healer" and exudes positive vibrations. It clears blockages within all Chakras and cleanses the Aura. It's also a strong emotional aid, which helps to enhance patience, understanding, and ignites brighter feelings. Crystal Quartz brings an overall sense of balance to the entire body. 


Selenite: Connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, this high vibrational Crystal is perfect for warding off negative energy,  increasing your intuition, and opening up your psychic abilities. Because of its strong connection to the moon, it's a wonderful stone to use to connect with your past life and spirit guides. 


You will receive the exact bowl and items pictured in this listing,


Total weight for Moon Bowl and its contents:

8.92 oz


***DISCLAIMER: While the best of intentions are put forth in the Crystals offered at Of Dust & Dew, this form of metaphysical and spiritual healing is considered holistic and should not be used in place of conventional medicine or professional help. Although there is widespread and historical belief that Crystals have many healing and magical capabilities, we cannot guarantee that you will experience or benefit from such properties. Please be sure to seek professional help if you believe this is needed. Thank you!***

Selenite Home Smudging Kit in Moon Bowl

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