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This beautiful trio of rough crystal Quartz range from at least 1" - 2" in size and have been cleansed with sage and charged under a full moon with selenite, leaving these beauties completely ready for you to set your own intentions. Wonderful to keep as bedside companions, on your alter, or anywhere with or around you... these crystals will work to unfurl their magic. The largest Crystal is also perfect to use as a small palm stone, while the smallest is a great size for traveling with.


Quartz Crystal benefits include, but are not limited to:


Crystal Quartz: Specifically connected to the Crown, but connected to all Chakras, it is best known as the "Master Healer" and exudes positive vibrations. It clears blockages within all Chakras and cleanses the Aura. It's also a strong emotional aid, which helps to enhance patience, understanding, and ignites brighter feelings. Crystal Quartz brings an overall sense of balance to the entire body. 


Total weight for all (3) Crystals:

4.66 oz


Please note: The brass bowl seen in the last picture is not included in this listing and purchase. Thank you!


***DISCLAIMER: While the best of intentions are put forth in the Crystals offered at Of Dust & Dew, this form of metaphysical and spiritual healing is considered holistic and should not be used in place of conventional medicine or professional help. Although there is widespread and historical belief that Crystals have many healing and magical capabilities, we cannot guarantee that you will experience or benefit from such properties. Please be sure to seek professional help if you believe this is needed. Thank you!***


Crystal Quartz Trio

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